Selling your business can be a rewarding time where you receive the value of your years of time and effort you invested to build a company.

Many sellers are then surprised to learn that the proceeds from the sale left over to them, after paying taxes, can sometimes be less than 50%.

Investing time as early as possible in consultation with a professional can lead to a much higher amount of the value of your company winding up in your hands instead of Uncle Sam’s.

Consulting with a professional will lead to a discussion of what to sell, timing of when to sell, what type of entity is best to sell and much more.

If you are considering selling the business you built, we offer a free ½ hour consultation where we can begin to explore the process with you of keeping more of your hard earned money.

This is also one of the six Un Common Errors Successful Business Owners Make – see my next blog for more information about a seminar on this topic.