High net worth individuals and successful business owners have rather unique situations requiring a level of advice and technical expertise not normally present in an ordinary CPA firm.

At BECK CPA we not only have that expertise, but we are able to apply it in a unique way that will maximize the benefit of our knowledge to your individual situation.

We are dedicated to educating our clients who desire to be kept up to date on the current tax laws as well as developing trends in the constantly changing law.

We invest the time and resources to meet with our clients as often as required to ensure optimal tax savings mechanisms are in place.

Some of the unique situations that high net worth individuals and successful business owners face include:

1. Transfer of assets/gifting (especially parent to child).
2. Wealth retention.
3. Asset protection.
4. Retirement planning.
5. Complex tax strategies.
6. Asset purchase analysis (for example real estate for personal, commercial or rental use, like-kind exchange).
7. Investment analysis (allocation of assets).
8. Succession planning.
9. Life Insurance issues.
10. Estate and tax planning/updated estate plans.
11. Family wealth.
12. Unique issues with owning a closely held or family held business.
13. Husband and wife owned businesses.
14. 529 planning.
15. Stock options.

We specialize in services to high net worth individuals and successful business owners in a variety of industries including, automotive, manufacturing, reselling, construction, investments, professionals, health care, communications and many others.

In coordination with a team of advisors, we assist some of the region’s most prominent professionals, company executives, business owners, affluent families and family offices, estates, and trusts in managing, preserving and transitioning wealth.

The world can be an exceedingly complicated place when significant wealth is involved. The responsibilities are often complex, time-consuming, and sometimes overwhelming. Challenges include:

  • Navigating intricate tax and asset-protection strategies.

  • Developing financial, estate, and philanthropic-giving plans.

  • Coordinating the activities of your professional advisors.

To ensure that we exercise independent judgment and always operate only in your best interests, we never sell products, recommend specific investments, or accept commissions.