Those in charge of an estate or trust have very specific duties and responsibilities including complex income tax filings just to name one. For that reason, it is important for those in charge to make sure they have access to professionals with the right expertise and knowledge to correctly file those returns. Along with the tax filing duties comes trust administration – another complex area where professional help is essential.

At BECK, CPA our extensive experience is at your disposal to assist you in meeting these complex tax filing situations. Although we are not legal experts in trust administration, we also provide assistance and knowledge in this area.

We are committed to helping you minimize the tax obligations related to the transfer of assets from an estate or trust to the beneficiaries and heirs in the most expeditious manner while protecting the interests of a surviving spouse.

We have the expertise to help you get your financial affairs in order and ensure that any personal changes and/or tax law changes that have occurred don’t affect your total estate plan. We will work together with your team (financial planner and estate planning attorney) to guide you through the process to ensure a thorough and effective plan. If you are seeking legal or financial planning expertise, we can connect you to the best in Orange County. Our goal is to make certain you have access to the highest level of competent counsel to give you the best planning available.