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Our Testimonials

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Greg Beck for the past four years and would like to acknowledge his many fine qualities. Greg’s professionalism is one of his strongest assets. He is dedicated to always keeping current with the tax codes and the many various laws that affect small business owners. He is committed to his clients and their success and it is evident in the way he looks for any way possible to grow their business and profitability.” – Bernadette Archuleta, Payday Payroll Service

“…I succeeded in accomplishing my first major goal as a small business owner. In September of 2006 I succeeded in making it to the top ten sales in my franchise. This is a significant accomplishment for me and really has helped boost my confidence. I know I will employ you in the future to help my business grow. On the personal side, your firm did a great job with my income taxes resulting in a large refund.” – Anna I. Davy, V2K Window Décor & More

“…It is important to understand that as someone that works close with some of Greg’s clients I can honestly tell you first hand, what his clients are saying about him. Words like knowledgeable, integrity and professional are commonplace when they describe Greg. From your clients’ perspective you are a tremendous asset to their business as their CFO. They feel that they can rely on you for the information that is necessary to help their business grow. My association with you adds credibility to the work that I do as a bookkeeper and I am very thankful.” – Al Guerena, CBSS

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your assistance in writing the most recent letter to the IRS regarding the failure to file penalty. Two weeks ago, we received a refund for over $4000 due to your letter. I can’t thank you enough for your assistance with it.” – Stacy L HanlonWake Zone Marine Insurance Bkg, Inc.

“…I must say, the support of Greg Beck is most definitely the best guardian angel a novice such as me can ever pray for. For you to have the patience in dealing with a newbie and work on all problems until they’re solved – and understandable to me – qualifies you for sainthood, for you are indeed a miracle worker. You are far more efficient and knowledgeable than any CPA I know.” – Wendy Florian Terrado, VTCO

“I have recommended Greg to several of my manufacturing clients. Greg, like most CPAs can interpret the past. One of the things that separates Greg is his ability to forecast. Greg provides great advice in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. Greg practices accounting in a very detailed and organized fashion which allows him to respond to questions and phone calls quickly. Greg’s expertise lies with companies that generate between $1,000,000 and $10,000,000 in annual volume. I can and do highly recommend Gregory W. Beck and you should also.” – Allen Buchanan, Lee and Associates

“Thank you very much for your time & assistance regarding my decision for employment as an independent contractor. The guidelines you provided were exactly what I needed to make my decision. As such, the information you provided was invaluable. The malpractice insurance requirements prohibited my acceptance of this offer, but I couldn’t have made this formal determination without your assistance.”
-Carolyn Clarke