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New IRS rules simplify compliance for money market fund shares

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In response to new SEC pricing rules for shares in certain money market funds (MMFs), the IRS on Wednesday issued guidance that allows a simplified method for calculating gain or loss on shares in MMFs subject to the new rules and exempts redemptions of shares in these MMFs from the wash sale rules.

Haven’t Filed Your Taxes Yet? An Extension May be a Good Idea

Posted on April 9th, by Big Chief in Blog. Comments Off

Most mistakes in tax returns occur during the last two weeks of tax season before the deadline.

This is due to many people wanting returns and not enough time to both prepare the returns and allow for the taxpayers to review them prior to filing.

We recommend that, where possible,  you have your tax professional file an extension for you and then finish the returns late April or early May – that way you will get their best service.

Also, remember that an extension is an extension of time to file, not an extension of time to pay – IRS charges ½ of 1% per month penalty plus interest on any unpaid balance after April 15th.  California is the same except the first month the penalty is 5%.

Psst…the Backdoor Route to a Roth IRA

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Going through the back door can pay off for high-income retirement savers.

We’re talking about the backdoor route into popular Roth individual retirement accounts, which offer tax-free income in later life.

The front door into Roths is shut for many investors. Married couples earning $191,000 or more and singles earning $129,000 or more in 2014 are barred from contributing directly to Roth IRAs.

But there’s a simple detour that works for many of them. They can put money into a traditional IRA—and then roll that into a Roth IRA, getting all the benefits.

Do you owe estimated taxes?

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For most of us, tax day comes just once a year—on or around April 15. But for people who owe estimated taxes, Uncle Sam expects a check four times a year. Unfortunately, one of those poor quarterly taxpayers may be you if any of the following applies to your situation.

Congrats, you owe the Alternative Minimum Tax

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We are now solidly into 2014, so it’s time to start thinking about your 2013 tax bill. One big question to be answered is whether you will owe the dreaded alternative minimum tax with your 2013 Form 1040. Congress originally cooked up the alternative minimum tax (AMT) to make sure high-income types who take advantage of multiple tax breaks would still owe something to Uncle Sam each year. These days, however, upper-middle-income folks are the most likely AMT victims. Here’s what you need to know.

AMT basics

Think of the AMT as a separate tax system with a family resemblance to the more-familiar “regular” federal income tax system. The difference is the AMT system taxescertain types of income that are tax-free under the regular tax system and disallows some regular tax deductions. Also, the maximum AMT rate is “only” 28%
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Seven ways Americans pay taxes

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As Americans across the country rang in the new year, many were unaware that, at midnight, more than 50 different tax breaks expired. According to the Tax Foundation, among them were credits for everything from building motorsports facilities, producing biofuels, conducting business research and development, and even training a mine rescue team.

Clearly, the U.S. tax system can be very complex. Understanding the basics, especially the different types of taxes you may face, can be a valuable tool in financial planning.

Not all taxes are paid at the same time. Some, for example, are deducted from your paycheck. “Generally, three types of taxes will show up on a worker’s pay stub: federal income taxes, payroll taxes (Social Security and Medicare), and state income taxes,” Andrew Lundeen, manager of federal projects at the Tax Foundation, told 24/7 Wall St.

How will you be Affected by New Tax Provisions?

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Although the American Taxpayer Relief Act (enacted in January of this year) added or extended several key tax provisions and rates, dozens of tax provisions are set to expire at the end of 2013 (though most relate to businesses, if you have a pass through entity you could feel the affect). Here is a list of a few of them (along with brief commentary):

[VIDEO] Gregory W. Beck on Individual Provisions of the 2012 Tax Relief Act (3 of 3)

Posted on July 31st, by Big Chief in Blog. Comments Off

In January 2013 President Obama signed into law the American Taxpayer Relief Act.

Although there were many provision and tax increases, there were also some interesting opportunities. In the third and final installment regarding the 2012 Taxpayer Relief Act, Greg discusses changes to the Alternative Minimum Tax, Estate Tax rules and other provisions to this law.

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Press Release – New Website Launch

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The Offices of Gregory W. Beck, CPA – A Professional Corporation Announce New Website Launch

Gregory W. Beck, CPA – A Professional Corporation recently launched a new and improved interactive website for its Orange County, CA-based accounting firm.

Located at, the new website makes it clear to visitors that the strength of Gregory W. Beck, CPA reaches well beyond the typical variety of financial, tax and accounting firm general services. Gregory W. Beck, CPA specializes in meeting the unique needs of non-public, closely held businesses through areas such as strategic business planning and part-time CFO Services.

“Greg has an impeccable reputation and provides a wide range of general and specialized tax skills – we wanted to showcase this range visually and make Greg’s vast experience the focal point of the site.” said Alex Ribble, owner of Digital Marketing Firm Big Chief Creative
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